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Nonprofit Consulting



Have you wondered whether your business idea around your passion for horses would be better organized as a nonprofit organization rather than a for-profit business?


Are you already operating a nonprofit and looking for a strategy and funding to achieve your mission?

 Nonprofits are frequently misunderstood as organizations. We understand how nonprofits and businesses are alike and how they are different. We can take the mystery out of how to start an equine nonprofit. We provide a fresh set of eyes, an objective approach, and a comprehensive evaluation process       UnicornRetreat,           for your individual situation.


Do you want to:

  • Start a new horse nonprofit and aren’t sure where to start
  • Prepare a business plan and can’t seem to find an example that applies to the horse industry
  • Conduct a needs assessment to measure viability
  • Attract more funding, board members and volunteers and don’t know how to reach them
  • Determine which of your ideas for new programs will do the most for your horse nonprofit                          
  • Give your horse nonprofit a makeover or re-energize
  • Develop an intergrated marketing plan that targets your audience and establishes ongoing communication with your stakeholders
  • Explore issues beyond those mentioned here


Give Blue Ribbon Consulting a call.

Starting with investigation and research, followed by evaluation of alternatives, we work with you to define an actionable strategy for you to implement. Our services are tailored to meet your unique needs.

  • Needs Assesssments
  • Business Plans
  • Public Relations Strategy Analysis
  • Strategic Planning
  • Public Relations
  • Program Development
  • Research




Learn more about Blue Ribbon’s Policies and Procedures.


Tax Deductible

In many cases, consulting fees are tax deductible. In the USA, all expenses of continuing education undertaken to maintain and improve business and professional skills are tax deductible (Treas. Reg.1-162-5, Coughlin vs. Commissioner, 203F 2d 307). Contact your tax professional for more details.


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“Thank you for offering the services you do for the equestrian entrepreneurs.  I have looked online for good, down-to-earth business information on horse/equestrian related business.  Of all of them that I have come across, yours by far has offered the most in my opinion.  I purchased the 2 books, 'Growing Your Horse Business' and 'Bang for Your Buck' a few years ago and they are my bibles…”

Mary Green, Jackson, MI